Photo Above: Hawaiiʻs first ever K9 Nose Work trial in 2015

We regularly host educational dog training events geared for dog owners as well as dog trainers and professionals!

** Please note that there is a separate mailing list specifically for nose work and scent detection classes and events, which you may sign up for at:


We currently do not have any in-person workshops scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back for virtual events.



Scent Work Q&A Session with Lauralea Oliver

K9 Nose Work® Foundations Workshop with Lauralea Oliver

Helping Dogs Thrive: Behaviors, Bodywork, and Fitness  with Lori Stevens

Gamification 3-Day Dog Trainer Workshop with Terry Ryan

Coaching People to Train Their Dogs with Terry Ryan

Poultry in Motion Chicken Training Workshops with Terry Ryan

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) for Fearful, Reactive & Aggressive Dogs with Grisha Stewart

K9 Nose Work® Trials and Seminars with Various Guest Instructors

Introductory Animal Communication with Carol Gurney


See the Pet Hui segments featuring the 2013 K9 Nose Work advanced event (top video) and the 2012 K9 Nose Work introductory workshop (bottom video – skip to 0:40 in the video):

Read the Star-Advertiser article about nose work: