K9 Nose Work® is a fun and mentally stimulating activity that allows dogs to do what they do best – use their noses to sniff out their favorite reward, whether it’s food or toy. Because many of the techniques are based on detection dog training, you can eventually have your dog search for a target odor, such as an essential oil, or even your car keys or cellphone.

Any dog can do nose work (also known as scent work), from puppies to seniors, low energy to high energy, and even visually-impaired dogs. Shy and reactive dogs can gain confidence and overcome their environmental sensitivities through nose work. No obedience or training experience is necessary!


For more information on available classes, please visit my Nose Work 808 website, which is dedicated to nose work classes and events:


“What is the secret to tiring out a 9-month-old rambunctious Siberian Husky named Kona? It is as simple as two words: Nose Work. [In class] Kona cannot wait for his turn to search and even tries to sneak in a couple of extra searches. Kyoko makes nose work class fun yet challenging. On our way home, Kona is already fast asleep – worn out mentally and physically from the numerous searches. Kona is a tired but happy Husky.”

~ Danielle C. and Kona

“Thank you for holding these wonderful classes! I’ve been doing nose work with Mugsy regularly and he loves it! He gets so excited!”

~ Christine V. and Mugsy


See the Pet Hui segment featuring the 2013 Odor/Exteriors/Vehicles workshop:

See a video of my nose work dog Bodhi doing an exterior search for 5 hides: