~ Loose Leash Walking Training
~ Anti-Pulling Equipment for Dog Walking
~ Help! My Puppy is a Terror! – Preventing destructive digging and chewing
~ Enrichment Food Toys for Bored and Destructive Dogs
~ Training Treats – A Biscuit Ain’t Gonna Cut It
~ Rehabilitating Separation Anxiety
~ Getting Your Dog Comfortable with a Crate
~ Dealing with Possession Aggression (Resource Guarding)
~ Come When Called…Or Not? – Recall from Distractions
~ BAT: What It Means To Me (one student’s experience with our Leash Lungers Anonymous class)
~ How I Inadvertently Conditioned My Husband’s Negative Emotional Response
~ Stress and How It Affects A Dog’s Bite Threshold
~ Mark My Words – using verbal markers to communicate to your dog
~ Jump! For Your Love – How to stop your dog from jumping
~ The Benefits of Group Off-Leash Hikes
~ The Importance of Early Socialization
~ Give A Dog A Job! – Teaching useful tasks to your dog
~ Bark, Bark, Bark! – Curbing demand barking and boredom barking
~ Reinforcing Polite Behavior Using the NFL (No Free Lunch) Program
~ Fulfilling Your Dog’s Needs and Developing a Good Relationship With Your Dog


~ Dogs At Play (with videos)
~ There’s More to Sniffing Than Meets the Nose
~ The Canine “Look Away” (with videos)


~ Nose Work Fun with an 11-Year Old Dog
~ Considerations When Adopting or Fostering a New Dog
~ Guidelines for Re-Homing a Dog
~ Argentinian Hounds – Dog Walker Extraordinaire


~ Joint Agency K9 Training – Photos of TSA, HPD, and military working dogs May 2016
~ Nose Work Games Enlivens Dog’s Lives about the workshops we hosted in June 2012
~ Poultry in Motion: Chicken Training with Terry Ryan
~ A Visit with Aloha Schutzhund Club
~ 5th Annual Hawaii Kai Dog Walk