(Above): Training a puppy on bio-detection using a scent rack

Dogs can smell in parts per trillion. Kyoko finds it very rewarding to train dogs to use their incredible olfactory abilities to achieve results that lead to solutions and information to help conserve endangered species, eradicate invasive species, and detect diseases in even their early stages.

Detection dog training and surveys can be provided for conservation¬†or bio-medical needs. For those organizations that do not already have program dogs, Kyoko can provide assistance in assessing and procuring a puppy or adult dog that fits your program’s needs.

Target odors that can be trained include:

* Endangered or invasive species (plants, fungi, live animals/insects, animal carcasses, animal scat)
* Biological matter and diseases
* Allergens (e.g. tree nut residue)

(Above): Handling cancer samples in the lab

Consulting services can be provided to help you or your organization plan a new canine detection program or troubleshoot an existing one. For conservation programs, this will include developing strategies that account for meteorological data and location-specific environmental factors to maximize detection rates and efficiency. Canine handler training is also available for your staff.

Please email or call for more information or to get a quote for your program.


(Above): With one of her conservation detection dogs Bodhi

Photos copyright Kyoko and Tor Johnson