9/11/2018 (3 weeks old)

Sierra and Nevada are the two amber colored siblings. Sierra is the female and Nevada is the male. They look a bit like Duck-Tolling Retrievers.

9/19/2018 (4 weeks old)

Sierra and Nevada get cuter as they grow older, if that’s even possible. Of the two, Nevada the boy seems more active at this point. They are both quite curious and have been exploring the yard.

9/21/2018 (4.5 weeks old)

Sierra is one of the smallest puppies of the litter but she is quite full of personality. She is sweet and curious and likes to play. Nevada is bigger than Sierra and seems more mellow compared to his sister.

9/30/2018 (5.5 weeks old)

Sierra has been matched up with an adopter. Nevada is still looking for a forever home. Nevada is probably one of the most independent puppies of the litter. I often see him doing his own thing. He likes to play tug, which I think is quite fun as a detection dog trainer!

10/7/2018 (almost 7 weeks old)

Nevada has tentatively found a home in Waialua, yippee! Although I had not noticed much about his personality in earlier weeks, I have been able to spend some one-on-one time with him lately and have noticed that he is a super cool guy. He isn’t pushy about getting attention (which is why I didn’t notice him before) but he is confident and adventurous and amazingly great with adult dogs too.

10/10/2018 (7.5 weeks old)

Sierra’s new name will be Noodle and Nevada’s new name will be Kaiao.

10/16/2018 (8 weeks old)

Both pups went to their new homes this past weekend. It’s sad for me, but I hope to stay in touch with the puppy adopters!

Below: Nevada sleeping under the chair with BT at 7.5 weeks old









Below: Sierra at 6.5 weeks








Below: Nevada at 6.5 weeks








Below (from left): Sierra, Sierra and Nevada playing, Sierra with toy









Below: (Left) Nevada at 4.5 weeks old, (Middle) Sierra playing with Moonshine at 4.5 weeks old, (Right) Sierra playing with coconut husk

Below: (Left) at 3 weeks old, (Right) at 4 weeks old

Below: Sierra at 4 weeks old









Below: Sierra the girl at 3 weeks








Below: Nevada the boy at 3 weeks (he looks sleepy because I just woke him up)










Below: Sierra at 1.5 weeks old.