9/11/2018 (3 weeks old)

Moonshine is the lone silver puppy of the litter. She is a female and seems to be mellow and independent, although she loves to be cuddled by humans. Her snout is a beautiful gray color that complements her silver coat.

9/19/2018 (4 weeks old)

Moonshine has come transitioned into a social butterfly within the past week. She interacts with all the puppies (whereas she used to be more of a “loner”) and she likes to interact with me too. She is very sweet and is gaining confidence each day.

9/21/2018 (4.5 weeks old)

Moonshine becomes prettier every day. We thought that her sister Malibu was the only one with blue eyes, but it turns out Moonshine has blue eyes too. She gets along with all her litter mates and has started exploring the yard and even chewing on coconut husks.

9/30/2018 (5.5 weeks old)

Moonshine has been matched up with an adopter on the North Shore. Her new name is Hoku, a phase of the Hawaiian lunar cycle. She was one of the most popular puppies of the litter, possibly due to her mellow but playful temperament and her gorgeous looks!

10/16/2018 (8 weeks old)

Hoku went to her new home today. I hope I run into her on the North Shore in the future!

Below: At 6.5 weeks old…those eyes!









Below: At 5 weeks old. (Left) Playing with Frap. (Right) With a tug toy.









Below: At 4.5 weeks old














Below: At 4 weeks old









Below: At 3 weeks old









Below: At 2 weeks old, eyes still closed