9/11/2018 (3 weeks old)

Café Latte (aka Latte) and Café Au Lait (aka Au Lait) are the lightest colored females of the litter.

9/19/2018 (4 weeks old)

So it turns out that I had made a mistake and thought that Latte is a girl but it turns out it’s a boy! So I moved him to the “boy’s” page of FRAP, CAP & LATTE. Cafe Au Lait meanwhile is turning out to be a super cutey. While the boys are active and kolohe, Au Lait seems more gentle.

Below: Au Lait at 4 weeks old. She gets the pink collar because she’s a girl!










Below: At 3 weeks old. Au Lait is the whiter of the two, hence “Au Lait” which means “with milk” in French.