9/11/2018 (3 weeks old)

Café Latte (aka Latte) and Café Au Lait (aka Au Lait) are the lightest colored females of the litter.

9/19/2018 (4 weeks old)

So it turns out that I had made a mistake and thought that Latte is a girl but it turns out it’s a boy! So I moved him to the “boy’s” page of FRAP, CAP & LATTE. Cafe Au Lait meanwhile is turning out to be a super cutey. While the boys are active and kolohe, Au Lait seems more gentle.

9/21/2018 (4.5 weeks old)

Au Lait continues to be a sweetie pie. She, along with sister Sierra, is one of the smallest of the litter so far, but you wouldn’t know it from the confidence she displays. The other day the fencing contractor was pounding his tools and making all kinds of noise, and Au Lait walked right over to the activity to observe up close.

9/30/2018 (5.5 weeks old)

Despite being smaller, Au Lait is the most active and adventurous puppy out of all 4 girls in the litter. I think she’ll make a good companion for an active family, and possibly a good detection dog.

10/8/2018 (almost 7 weeks old)

Au Lait continues to be energetic and kolohe. A couple of times she started chewing on an object I had in my hand, and when I tried to pull it away, she ended up hanging in the air because her jaws didn’t let go of the object! She doesn’t look anything like her mom but she certainly seems to have the Dutch Shepherd bite and toy drive.

10/11/2018 (7.5 weeks old)

I’ve noticed that Au Lait’s ears are starting to stand up a bit, especially her right ear. She is still one of the smallest of the litter at only 5 lbs, but she is full of energy and personality.

10/16/2018 (8 weeks old)

Today the puppies are exactly 8 weeks old! Au Lait’s ear, especially her right one, is standing almost straight up now. She went to her new home today with a lovely couple and a big dog-brother who is also a shepherd mix with pointy ears! Not sure what her new name will be but it might remain Au Lait, which sounds like ¡Olé! which is in Spanish 🙂

Below: At 7.5 weeks










Below (from left): 6.5 week old Au Lait; she wants my coffee!; playing with Frap









Below: 6 week old Au Lait playing light tug. Like Mommy Like Daughter…

Below: 5 week old Au Lait playing with toys








Below: At 4.5 weeks old starting to chew on coconuts!









Below: Au Lait at 4 weeks old. She gets the pink collar because she’s a girl!










Below: At 3 weeks old. Au Lait is the whiter of the two, hence “Au Lait” which means “with milk” in French.