Kyoko’s Property @ Waiawa Road, Pearl City, HI 96782

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: The property is located near Leeward Community College in Pearl City. However, Google Maps does not map the address properly, so please use the custom driving instructions below and the map at the bottom of this page:

* Look up and follow directions on Google Maps for “96-135 Waiawa Road, Pearl City” which is just up the street from our property. It should take you from Kam Highway (HI-99) to Waiawa Road to Ala ‘Ike, then back onto Waiawa Road. Please note that the first Waiawa Road is a City & County public road, and the second Waiawa Road is a private road that is not maintained by the city.

Directions from West Oahu / Directions from Honolulu & Windward / Directions from Central / North Shore

* 96-135 Waiawa Road is the last residential property on the private road. After you pass this house, you will pass Kuhialoko farm on your left, and a sign that says “PRIVATE PROPERTY / NO TRESPASSING” in red letters on your right (see photo below). Don’t mind the sign, and keep driving down this road past several other industrial and agricultural properties on your left, until you get to ours. You will see a K9 sign at the base of the gate post. Drive down the road towards the blue shipping container. Please call Kyoko at 808-728-8415 if you have trouble finding it.

SPEED BUMPS: The private portion of Waiawa Road is bumpy, with potholes and speed bumps. Please drive slowly and carefully! The first speed bump is next to two large boulders and an orange cone. The 2nd speed bump is right after that, next to a large boulder (see photo below; approximate locations marked with red Ss in the map below).