"Kyoko is my grand puppy Bodhi's pet sitter. We are lucky to have such a knowledgeable and caring person right in the neighborhood. She carefully assesses doggy personalities, matches up appropriate groups for play sessions and is a networking facilitator for pet owners on the North Shore. Thanks Kyoko."

- Terry Ryan of Legacy Canine (Bodhi's Grandma)

"You are so amazing and so appreciated. It is so nice to have someone [pet sit our dogs] who loves dogs as much as I do! Thank you!!!"

- Sierra and her dogs Indie and Mika - Haleiwa

"One of the most stressful parts of traveling is ensuring that your dog is left with a safe and efficient caregiver. Kyoko is all that and more; calm, knowledgeable, professional and convenient. When I drop Buddy off with Kyoko and [her dog] Luka, Buddy walks happily away and doesn't even look back. When I come to pick him up, he mopes around the house for about a day, as if he is missing them. I couldn't recommend Kyoko more highly."

- Kandis and her dog Buddy - Waialua


Photo courtesy of HDF

"I just wanted to thank you for the many hours you spent working with Alelo! Your reasonable prices and thorough work with Alelo has allowed me to enjoy my pup to the fullest. Thanks to your dedication and many suggestions, I now spend more time rewarding and praising her rather than correcting her. She has improved 100% in her walks with me, staying by my side, and obeying my commands, etc. Her fear of the stairs has improved immensely! She walks up (cautiously still, but) all by herself now. Also, thanks to the exposure of your two golden retrievers, she responds much better to other dogs now, rather than barking and whining like she used to. I will definitely recommend you with my highest regards to anyone looking for a dog trainer. Thank you again and much aloha!"

- Lon and his doggie Alelo - Haleiwa

"Thank you so much for all of your help with my Rhodesian Ridgeback "Makana." He is now 106 lbs and is always full of energy. When we first met you I have to admit I wasn't sure it was going to work. Makana is so big and powerful that he literally dragged me and my husband when we took him on walks. After meeting with you and explaining to you the problems we were having, you knew exactly how to help us. Since then Makana and our whole family have been able to benefit from your help. I feel very grateful to have met you."

- Erica and her dog Makana - Windward Oahu

"When Kyoko offered her training services to me, I was thrilled! One week after we rescued Mugsy, we had a bad experience at the dog park. As a result, I was fearful about Mugsy's reaction towards other dogs. Kyoko and her pack took us on an off leash walk and helped me feel calm and confident - Mugsy did great with the pack! Kyoko showed me Mugsy was not aggressive at all, just never socialized. Shortly after our walk, I took Mugsy back to the dog park and over time, Mugsy now has the ability to truly enjoy it! It has been such a joy watching Mugsy come out of his shell and learn how to enjoy the company of other dogs. He deserves to be happy! Thanks Kyoko!"

- Christine and her dog Mugsy - Honolulu

"My two 6-month old German Shepherds used to be out of control with their jumping and barking. Kyoko has been very helpful in showing us what to do and what not to do in order to change those behaviors. When I don't know how to handle something, I can always call Kyoko and get her help right away. I'm very, very satisfied with the training, and the dogs are a lot better behaved now."

- Margaret and her pups Ruby and Lily - North Shore

"Just wanted to thank you so much for ridding our pooch Bodhi of a destructive behavior I originally thought incurable.....and for doing it in one hour! As you know, he had been scratching me viciously while swimming in the pool. After several minutes of careful observation and action in the water with us, you successfully changed his behavior...permanently. I was amazed at how quickly you surmised what his insecurities were. AND how quickly you were able to motivate and help him overcome his insecurity in the water.

We have been confidently recommending your services to all our canine owner friends. Thank you for your loving and heartfelt commitment to helping dogs and humans cohabit peacefully!"

- Ginger and her dog Bodhi - Haleiwa