There are 6 males and 4 females in this litter. The puppies that are still available for adoption are underlined and italicized below. To see more individual pics and descriptions of them, please visit each puppy’s page. Puppies that have already been adopted are under the LITTER sub-menu.

Below (left to right): 4 Females – Au Lait, Malibu, Moonshine, Sierra





Below (left to right): 6 Males – Nevada, Cappuccino, Latte, Frappuccino, Guinness, BT





Below: Guinness, Au Lait and BT hanging out at 7.5 weeks old











Below: (Left) Puppies eating out of my rain gutter feeder, (Right) Guinness and Cap watch mom on the other side of the fence.










Below: 6.5 week old pups from left, Latte, Sierra, Aukai/Malibu, Cap, Au Lait (back), Frap, Nevada











Below: 5 week old pups










Below: Video of 5 week old puppies playing tug.

Below: 5 week old puppies eating machines. They’re getting too big for the feeding bowl!

Below: 5 week old puppies follow mommy around like she’s the Pied Piper!

Below: At 4.5 weeks old. They like to sleep on the cool tile under the water bowl in the heat of day!









Below: Around 2 weeks old









Below: (Left) At 3 weeks old (Right) Mama with newborns










Video 1: Cap & Sierra playing, Frap neck biting Malibu.
Video 2: Frap & Sierra playing, Cap pawing Malibu.

Video below: Pups playing at almost 4 weeks old

Photo Below: 2 tan colored puppies exploring the yard at almost 4 weeks old