9/11/2018 (3 weeks old)

Frappuccino (aka Frap) and Cappuccino (aka Cap or Pucci) are both light tan-colored males. They look a bit like Golden Retrievers. Cappuccino so far is the smaller of the two but more active. Cap has climbed out of the puppy pen at least 3 times already, and the pen is more than twice his height! Cap and Frap are both active and confident.

9/13/2018 (3.5 weeks old)

Today I saw them playing with each other and with the other pups for the first time. At one point I saw Frap play biting Malibu, and Cap pawing Malibu too as if to solicit play.

9/19/2018 (4 weeks old)

So it turns out I made a mistake and thought that Latte was a girl but actually it’s a boy! So I’ve added him to this page of tan-colored boys. Frap, Cap and Latte are all fun, active and confident boys. They love to play with each other as well as interact with me.

9/21/2018 (4.5 weeks old)

The 3 “coffee brothers” are a lot of fun. They are all playful and active. Frap used to have a blue collar but it got super dirty and trashed so I took it off. Latte’s yellow collar is looking quite trashed in the picture below too.

9/30/2018 (5.5 weeks old)

The three brothers continue to be active and playful, especially with each other. They are quite personable and will go up to new people too, but the boys are definitely more interested in playing than cuddling. Cap has been matched with an adopter.

10/9/2018 (7 weeks old)

I forgot to mention that about a week ago, Latte came with me to Haleiwa on an outing while I ran errands. I carried him in a bag while I went to the post office, bank and hardware store, and he did great. No whining or crying, just observing the environment. A few days I also took him to Bow Wow Bungalows where he met some big adult dogs and explored the environment quite confidently.

10/10/2018 (7 weeks old)

Latte has been adopted by a nice family in Town, yay! Latte’s new name will be Juju. Cappuccino’s new name will be Momo, as in peach in Japanese.

10/16/2018 (8 weeks old)

Latte/Juju went to his new home on Saturday. Momo/Cap unfortunately developed a minor infection which caused his legs to get wobbly temporarily, but he is on medication now and is recovering quickly. He’ll hopefully go to his new home on Saturday. Frap has a tentative home on the North Shore.

Below: Latte looking like a Yellow Lab at 6.5 weeks old.







Below: 6.5 weeks old. From left, Latte and coconut, Frap playing with Au Lait, Frap







Below: 5 weeks old. From left, Frap, Cap & Frap with toy, Latte, Latte












Below: 4.5 weeks old. Latte in yellow, Cap in black, Frap with no collar and coconut













Below: Cap in black collar at 4 weeks old









Below: Latte at 4 weeks old









Below: Cap and Frap at 3 weeks old