9/11/2018 (3 weeks old)

Frappuccino (aka Frap) and Cappuccino (aka Cap or Pucci) are both light tan-colored males. They look a bit like Golden Retrievers. Cappuccino so far is the smaller of the two but more active. Cap has climbed out of the puppy pen at least 3 times already, and the pen is more than twice his height! Cap and Frap are both active and confident.

9/13/2018 (3.5 weeks old)

Today I saw them playing with each other and with the other pups for the first time. At one point I saw Frap play biting Malibu, and Cap pawing Malibu too as if to solicit play.

9/19/2013 (4 weeks old)

So it turns out I made a mistake and thought that Latte was a girl but actually it’s a boy! So I’ve added him to this page of tan-colored boys. Frap, Cap and Latte are all fun, active and confident boys. They love to play with each other as well as interact with me.

Below: Cap in black collar at 4 weeks old









Below: Latte at 4 weeks old









Below: Cap and Frap at 3 weeks old