9/11/2018 (3 weeks old)

Black & Tan (aka BT) is a brindle male. Of the litter, he looks most like his mom. We have yet to see if he will act like mom! BT is a mellow cruiser, seemingly confident and comfortable when being handled or placed on new surfaces.

9/21/2018 (4.5 weeks old)

BT was probably one of the shyer pups until this past week, but he is coming out of his shell. He plays a lot with his litter mates, especially Guinness. He is exploring the yard now and meeting lots of new people.

9/30/2018 (5.5 weeks old)

BT got a little nervous during the recent thunderstorm, but he recovered well.  I’ll be putting extra effort into exposing him to new environments, sounds and people over the next few weeks. He loves to play with his litter mates, but he is generally a mellow fellow, so he would probably be a good fit for a laid back person!

10/8/2018 (almost 7 weeks old)

BT has grown to become one of the tallest puppies of the litter. He is looking more and more like his mom. I’ve taken him on several outings including to a nose work class and to a hula class where he’s gotten exposed to additional new environments,  people and car rides. This sweet guy is still available for adoption!

10/10/2018 (7 weeks old)

BT has been quite active and playful lately. He excitedly runs up to greet humans, and he plays hard with his litter mates. He is not nippy compared to many of his siblings, which is nice, because those puppy teeth are quite sharp.

10/12/2018 (7.5 weeks old)

BT seems very food-motivated. I was able to get the Sit pictures below by using a treat lure which he happily ate. He continues to be the tallest of the litter. BT is one of the last few that are still available. Please contact me if you’d like to meet this handsome boy!

Below: BT at 7.5 weeks.









Below: Looking gorgeous at 6.5 weeks old.










Below: At 5 weeks, playing with his sibling.









Below: (Left) Playing with brother Guinness at 4.5 weeks old, (Right) Cutie Pie








Below: At 3 weeks old