Professional detection dog handler and NACSW trial judge Julie Gaunt will lead these two hands-on clinics. The clinics will give teams a chance to develop their confidence and skills in the various search elements of K9 Nose Work®. Julie will set up search scenarios that provide successful yet challenging learning experiences for teams of all skill levels. Individual coaching may address skills such as leash handling, recognizing environmental factors that affect odor, and developing teamwork between handler and dog in various sourcing scenarios.

EXTERIORS and VEHICLES - Saturday August 16th, 2014

Saturday's clinic will focus on the Vehicle and Exterior elements and may include skills and scenarios such as:

* Introduction to exterior and vehicle search scenarios and strategies for Element Trials
* Working through exterior distractions
* Elevated exterior hides in windy conditions
* Inaccessible vehicle hides
* Variety of vehicle formations and corresponding search strategies

DATE/TIME Saturday August 16th, 2014 (9:00am to 5:00pm)
  AM Session 9:00am-12:30pm / PM Session 1:30-5:00pm
LOCATION Radford High School in Salt Lake, Honolulu
WORKING SPOT: $145 per team full day (attending with your dog)
  $75 per team half day (attending with your dog)
OBSERVER SPOT: $75 per person full day (attending without a dog)

INTERIORS - Sunday August 17th, 2014

Sunday's half-day clinic will focus on the Interior element. While interiors may appear to be the easiest of the elements due to more controlled and generally enclosed environments, there are challenges that are unique to Interiors. The clinic may address skills and scenarios such as:

* Introduction to interior search scenarios and strategies for Element Trials
* Off leash vs on leash searching in large areas
* Developing detailing skills in busy rooms
* Searching tight spaces

DATE / TIME Sunday August 17th, 2014 (9:00am to 12:30pm)
WORKING SPOT: $75 per person (attending with your dog)
OBSERVER SPOT: $38 per person (attending without a dog)


Requirements for Working Participants (limited to 10 dogs per clinic): Dog/handler teams must have completed an Intro to K9 Nose Work® 6-week class. This clinic is open to dogs of all levels, whether they are searching for primary reward (food/toy) or target odor (birch/anise/clove).

Julie brings to Nose Work instruction a lifetime of K9 education and training, including growing up in a home with working police dogs and winning her first competition at age 9 with her young German Shepherd Dog.

Currently, Julie is a professional detection dog handler and is a certified member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators as well as the International Explosive Detection Dog Association. Julie works in the private sector in Southern California as a detection dog trainer/handler. Julie successfully completed schools in both Narcotics and Explosive Detection and attends the California Narcotic Canine Association conference annually.

Julie has been a Certified Nose Work Instructor since 2008. She has worked with the NACSW judging, certifying and volunteering in trials all over the US. She has also worked with the founders teaching K9 Nose Work Workshops. Julie enjoys every aspect of being part of the K9 Nose Work and NASCW family and is proud to be part of this great canine activity and sport.

Exterior/Vehicle Clinic
Interior Clinic

To pay by check make payable to Country Canine LLC and mail to 67-321 Kiapoko Place, Waialua HI 96791. Please contact Kyoko at kyoko@countrycaninehawaii.com or (808) 728-8415 with any questions.

Refund policy: A full refund will be provided upon email request, minus $15.00 administrative fee, prior to July 16th, 2014. Refunds requested after this time will be provided only if your spot can be filled.

Photos Tor Johnson