with Jill Marie O'Brien CPDT-KA, CNWI

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. The activity and sport of K9 Nose Work® utilizes detection-style methods, and develops your dog's natural scenting abilities by taking advantage of their desire to hunt and their love of toys and food.

This introductory full day workshop is designed not only for dog owners looking for a fun outlet for their young and energetic dogs. K9 Nose Work is a great confidence-building activity for shy and fearful dogs, and a soothing activity for anxious and reactive dogs. Old, blind and/or physically challenged dogs can enjoy the activity too!

Using videos, lecture and hands-on work with dogs, Jill Marie will take you through the foundation process to get any dog started in this fun sport. You'll be hooked as soon as you see your dog's face when he realizes he'll be rewarded for using his nose!

Watch a video of K9 Nose Work in action:

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Jill Marie has been training dogs for over twenty years and is a certified professional dog trainer, certified nose work instructor, and co-founder of K9 Nose Work® and the National Association of Canine Scent Work. In addition to having been Director of Behavior and Training at a major animal welfare organization in Southern California for 14 years, Jill has extensive experience in agility, tracking, Schutzhund and detection training. She and her dog Beckett are a nationally certified Narcotics Detection Team.
DATE / LOCATION Saturday February 16th, 2013 (9:00AM - 4:00PM)
Loveland Academy - 1506 Piikoi Street, Honolulu ~ View Map
  * There will be a one-hour lunch break from 12-1pm
WORKING SPOT: $125 per person (attending with your dog)
OBSERVER SPOT: $55 per person (attending without a dog)

Requirements for Working Participants (limited to 9 dogs per day): Dogs of all ages, levels of training and fitness are welcome. Dogs will be worked one dog at a time, so shy and excitable dogs are welcome, as well as dogs who don't feel comfortable around other dogs. No dogs with aggression towards people (strangers). Dogs must be able to stay quietly in a crate out of the owner's sight when not working. Participant must provide crate.

Observer Participants: One of the best ways to learn about nose work is to watch other dogs work, without the pressure of handling your own dog. On each seminar day, there will be ten working dogs of various sizes, breeds and personality types, with each dog getting multiple runs throughout the day. You will learn the ins and outs of the sport by observing the various dogs as they progress though the seminar day. You will then be able to apply the techniques to your own dog at home.

Download a PDF with the above information here: K9NW_Hawaii.pdf

Registration is closed. Events are finished.

Please contact Kyoko at or (808) 728-8415 to if you prefer to pay by check.

Refund policy: A full refund will be provided upon email request, minus $15.00 administrative fee, prior to January 16th, 2013. Refunds requested after this time will be provided only if your spot can be filled.

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