Aloha - my name is Kyoko. I became interested in dog training several years ago through volunteering as an adoption and foster coordinator for a local dog rescue organization called Hawaii Dog Foundation. Through HDF, I fostered and trained dogs of various sizes and temperaments while they awaited their forever homes. I have also volunteered for other organizations including Hawaiian Humane Society, HARF and Oahu SPCA.

I have been training dogs privately since 2008 and am a certified professional dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. In 2011 I completed a one-year training and behavior apprenticeship with Marie-Gabrielle Selarque of Pro-Dog Hawaii, and in 2014 I graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Program to become a KPA Certified Training Partner. I am also a Certified Nose Work Instructor through the National Association of Canine Scent Work.

As a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), I always stay up to date on modern dog-friendly training methods. Statistics show that a large percentage of dogs in shelters are relinquished by their owners because of behavioral issues. My goal as a dog trainer is not only to help dog owners prevent that fate, but to help them develop great relationships with their dogs.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kyoko Nakayama Johnson
Country Canine LLC
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Certified Nose Work Instructor™
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

Attended Seminars and Continuing Education

* October 2013 - Detection Dog Training Seminar with Jane Sharp
* September 2013 - Diabetic Alert Dog Trainer Seminar with Rita Martinez
* 2013-2014 - Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Program
* 2013-2014 - K9 Nose Work® Instructor Certification Program
* April 2013 - K9 Nose Work® Training Camp and Instructor / Skill Building Workshop
* April 2013 - Nancy Gyes - Agility Contact Training Workshop
* March 2013 - Pairing Pavlovian Conditioning with Operant Odor-Discrimination Training - Webinar
* March 2013 - Grisha Stewart CPDT - Behavior Adjustment Training seminars
* February 2013 - Jill Marie O'Brien CNWI - Continuing Nose Work®
* August 2012 - K9 Nose Work® Training Camp and Instructor / Skill Building Workshop
* June 2012 - Jill Marie O'Brien and Julie Gaunt CNWIs - Introduction to K9 Nose Work®
* October 2011 - Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference
* October 2011 - K9 Nose Work® for the Shelter Environment - Live Demo Workshop
* October 2011 - Trish King CDBC - Use of Stuffed Dogs in Evaluations, Consultations & Training
* October 2011 - Grisha Stewart CPDT - BAT Demo: Behavior Adjustment Training in Practice
* September 2011 - Gail Fisher - Dogs at Play: Recognizing, Evaluating & Understanding Styles of Play Behavior webinar
* March 2011 - Terry Ryan CPDT - Canine Body Language, Aggression and Reactivity seminars
* February 2011 - Sue Aislby - Training Levels Workshop
* January 2011 - Terry Ryan CPDT - Scenting workshop and Problem Solving workshop for pet dogs
* November 2010 - Terry Ryan CPDT - Poultry In Motion (chicken workshop for dog trainers)
* October 2010 - Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference
* October 2010 - Pia Silvani CPDT, CABC - Feisty Fidos Live Demo Workshop
* 2010-2011 - Professional apprenticeship with Marie-Gabrielle Selarque CPDT of Pro-Dog Hawaii
* 2010-2011 - Ethology & Canine Behavior Lecture Series
* October 2010 - Debby McMullen CDBC - Guided Study Managing Multi-Dog Households
* October 2009 - Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference
* Oct-Dec 2009 - Barbara Handelman CDBC - Understanding Canine Behavior
* September 2009 - Hawaiian Humane Society - Clicker Training for Shelter Dogs
* August 2009 - Hawaiian Humane Society - Intensive Animal Handling
* April 2009 - Sue Sternberg - Canine Body Language, Temperament Assessment, & Behavior Analysis
* April 2009 - Trish King CDBC - Canine Body Language and Aggression
* April 2009 - Brenda Aloff - Socialization and Reinforcement in Dog Training
* June 2008 - Pooch 101 by Project POOCH - A workshop on developing a program in corrections for youth offenders and shelter dogs
* Daily (ongoing) - K9 Nose Work® Email Discussion List


Photos � Tor Johnson